Definition of have eyes like saucers in US English:

have eyes like saucers


  • Have one's eyes opened wide in amazement.

    ‘she saw the child looking at her with eyes like saucers’
    • ‘All the while, her eyes were wide as saucers and her mouth gaped open.’
    • ‘I knew my eyes were as wide as saucers and I scrabbled at the door.’
    • ‘Her eyes were round as saucers as she stared, awed by the sight.’
    • ‘Her eyes grow wide as saucers and she takes another cautious bite.’
    • ‘Rachel looked around the room and saw that Nick, and her mother were both in the room looking at her with eyes as big as saucers not sure of what to do next.’
    • ‘Mia's eyes became wide as saucers, and she looked at Mark.’
    • ‘Cilla's eyes were as round as saucers, but I didn't back down.’
    • ‘Again, Alana's eyes were like saucers and she gave him a dirty look.’
    • ‘Lydia didn't seem to notice that her mouth was hanging slightly open, and Phil's eyes were wide as saucers.’
    • ‘By now, I think I'm shaking, and I know full well that my face is pale, and that my eyes are as wide as saucers.’