Definition of have a way with in US English:

have a way with


  • Have a particular talent for dealing with or ability in.

    ‘she's got a way with animals’
    • ‘She always had a way with a camera and made the light hit him at all the right angles.’
    • ‘You do have a way with people, don't you, Booth?’
    • ‘She has always had a way with children.’
    • ‘Musical virtuosity is musical virtuosity, any way you look at it, and those who have a way with an instrument will always find a niche for themselves in the genre of their choice.’
    • ‘I couldn't help but smile because Scott always did have a way with kids.’
    • ‘Mayer also has a way with words, and he has the ability to marry them to just the right music.’
    • ‘Darren always had a way with animals; he knew that.’
    • ‘Bernard was always said to have had a way with women, so it was perfect casting to have put him in the role of Romeo.’
    • ‘Hamilton has a way with words, and her descriptions of attempting to join the cool kids are poignant and funny.’
    • ‘‘You do have a way with words,’ she says blandly.’
    • ‘He was very young when he realized he had a way with plants.’