Definition of have a thing about in US English:

have a thing about


  • Have an obsessive interest in or dislike of.

    ‘she had a thing about men who wore glasses’
    • ‘‘Men have a thing about high heels,’ said sex shop manager Justin Parr.’
    • ‘He had a thing about redheads and he liked singers.’
    • ‘And, perhaps as a result, I've always had a thing about not eating too many sweets, although this never seemed to extend to alcohol.’
    • ‘She's lovely although she has a thing about climbing.’
    • ‘Macdonald has a thing about beaches; she can't say why, she just likes them.’
    • ‘Some people have a thing about their thighs, stomach or numerous chins.’
    • ‘I've always had a thing about travelling light.’
    • ‘I have a thing about sumptuously comfortable beds.’
    • ‘And he had a thing about not looking directly at her.’
    • ‘For a brief period during my childhood I had a thing about boxing.’
    phobia, fear, horror, terror
    penchant for, preference for, taste for, inclination for, partiality for, predilection for, soft spot for, weakness for, fancy for, fondness for, liking for, love for, passion for
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