Definition of have a/one's cross to bear in US English:

have a/one's cross to bear


  • Have a difficult problem or responsibility one has to deal with.

    ‘as a smoker, I can tell you it's a horrible habit, but that's my cross to bear’
    • ‘Svennis has his cross to bear, and he's unlikely to be entirely loved even if he wins in Germany.’
    • ‘We all have our cross to bear in life.’
    • ‘We all know that Dudley has his own cross to bear.’
    • ‘I have my cross to bear and she has hers.’
    • ‘Sometimes I think I became a lesbian so I'd have a cross to bear.’
    • ‘We all have our cross to bear, I suppose.’
    • ‘When it comes to natural disasters, every region has its crosses to bear.’
    • ‘So you have your cross to bear.’
    • ‘Every team has a cross to bear, and if that's the Yankees cross, so be it.’
    • ‘Oh, well, we all have our crosses to bear.’