Definition of have (or put) one's heart in in US English:

have (or put) one's heart in


  • Be (or become) keenly involved in or committed to (an enterprise).

    • ‘She felt bad for not really having her heart in the relationship anymore.’
    • ‘An exception would be when he did something like his ‘World of the Wizard King’ series, where you could see he really had his heart in the work.’
    • ‘All I can say is that I feel very sorry for Dominic because he definitely had his heart in Livingston and Scottish football and he felt whatever he was doing, he was doing right.’
    • ‘To think I am doing all of this work and putting my heart in this and it won't mean a thing… is something I can't even stand to think about…’
    • ‘It comes from wanting to do something and having your heart in it.’
    • ‘To really succeed at something, you need to have your heart in it.’
    • ‘When he did try to hype a fight, bad-mouthing an opponent, he never seemed to have his heart in it.’
    • ‘The players did not have their heart in the tournament essentially because of the timing of the competition and the choice of the venues.’
    • ‘How could I put my heart in words so basic, so concrete and cold?’
    • ‘Perhaps, in part, I realize that my parents really did not have their heart in the beatings.’