Definition of have (or keep) an (or one's) eye on in US English:

have (or keep) an (or one's) eye on


  • 1Keep under careful observation.

    ‘dealers are keeping an eye on the currency markets’
    • ‘Our Highways Department keeps an eye on the bridge and checks it every week, using jetting equipment to keep it clear.’
    • ‘Observers of politics also kept an eye on individuals who might emerge as candidates to be Prime Minister.’
    • ‘As part of a recent study, pupils are keeping an eye on a freshly picked daffodil which has begun to turn blue.’
    • ‘Many members enjoy working out and then relaxing in the hydrotherapy area, but now we will have no choice but to keep an eye on our watches.’
    • ‘Observers said investors should keep an eye on the operating profit excluding the charge.’
    • ‘The doctors keep an eye on the size of the tumour and for now it's okay.’
    • ‘They are much easier to observe, infiltrate & generally keep an eye on when they are in the open.’
    • ‘These observers keep an eye on all the activities and make sure that people stay safe.’
    • ‘With it you can set up a camera, keep an eye on whatever needs watching and capture images at will.’
    • ‘I always wear a heart-rate monitor and I keep an eye on my heart rate all the time.’
    1. 1.1have one's eye on Hope or plan to acquire.
      ‘the county sheriff has his eye on retirement’
      • ‘As for having my eye on ‘the main career chance’, I'm a freelancer, Jack.’
      • ‘I'm on a retail roll, and there's this tasteful rugby top I have my eye on.’
      • ‘I'm fascinated to watch yet I get sad whenever he scoots over to something he has his eye on.’
      • ‘‘If I can do the next two film scripts then I can afford to do the two theatre commissions that I have my eye on,’ he says.’
      • ‘Men, don't fear that cute little genius you have your eye on.’
      • ‘The name Cottage doesn't do justice to the house Keane has his eye on.’
      • ‘That goal took Duff's tally for the season to four and he now has his eye on more between now and the end of the season.’
      • ‘With this in mind, Mr Brown will have his eye on making a big splash, hoping to follow up his speech with well-aimed and well-received tax incentives.’
      • ‘So, with such an array of films on offer, is there anything in particular that the event's director has his eye on?’
      • ‘Beck had his eye on the site for years before acquiring it in 1999.’