Definition of have (or hold) no terrors for someone in US English:

have (or hold) no terrors for someone


  • Not frighten or worry someone.

    • ‘Giovanna's coloratura holds no terrors for her, and the assurance of her technique - every note is hit dead on - is matched only by her assured interpretation.’
    • ‘Other than minor episodes like this, nighttime holds no terrors for them.’
    • ‘True, it's one of Verdi's most demanding tenor parts, but the notes obviously hold no terrors for Licitra.’
    • ‘Prokofiev's daunting cluster chords and rapid fire pianistic flourishes held no terrors for her.’
    • ‘The open pan of the valley had no terrors for us in daylight.’
    • ‘So taking the Kildare job really held no terrors for Nolan?’
    • ‘This gruelling three and a half miles will hold no terrors for Scotton Green, who gave notice that his winning turn was near at Catterick last month when he chased home Ballystone.’
    • ‘A former high-class hurdler, Deep Water has always looked as though fences would hold no terrors for him.’
    • ‘Of course I'm concerned about getting it right, but it holds no terrors for me because I have played Lear, and Lear is the most difficult of all.’