Definition of have (or eat) someone for breakfast in US English:

have (or eat) someone for breakfast


  • Deal with or defeat someone with contemptuous ease.

    • ‘Another good question is, if he does argue his case, will the remaining justices eat him for breakfast, or simply dismember him?’
    • ‘She'd managed to get herself a part in a play, and they'd roasted her and toasted her and had her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’
    • ‘Another City-based source warned that, despite reassuring clauses in the merger announcement: ‘Halifax will have them for breakfast’.’
    • ‘He may be perfectly polite and even smile from time to time, but he still looks like he would eat you for breakfast rather than give much away about himself.’
    • ‘One reviewer has already remarked that the book's heroine, Clara Hutt, ‘could eat Bridget Jones for breakfast’.’
    • ‘There is no new-metal sarcasm or hipster posturing taking place here: this un-ironic swaggering will drink all your beer and then eat you for breakfast before you even realize you've taken your pants off.’
    • ‘The evil arms dealing world of imports and exports has created him and from now on we will have to have him for breakfast in one form or another.’
    • ‘But the Liberals finally had them for breakfast through the most basic and important of election tactics - tear.’
    • ‘However, if they made the slightest mistake, then the shield wall would have them for breakfast.’
    • ‘In fact, if you aren't nice to your rat friends, they'll eat you for breakfast.’
    • ‘Claire manages to stand her ground with Hersh but he'd have had me for breakfast.’
    • ‘Most performers have had critics rip them to pieces and eat them for breakfast.’
    • ‘Therefore, I did what we always have to do: Fought them at every turn; for if you do not fight them like Vikings they'll have you for breakfast.’
    • ‘She looked like she could eat him for breakfast and spit out his bones to make her lunchtime soup.’