Definition of have (got) something on in US English:

have (got) something on

phrasal verb

  • 1Be wearing something.

    ‘she had a blue dress on’
    • ‘Now she had a tank top on, blue jeans and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Kathryn sighed, wishing she had jeans on instead of the capris.’
    • ‘The two robbers were dressed in large white frocks, and one had a mask on and the other a black silk handkerchief over part of his face.’
    • ‘He was dressed casually in blue jeans and had a jacket on over his t-shirt.’
    • ‘She has red trackpants on.’
    • ‘At 7: 30, we were done with all my makeup and my hair, and I had my dress on.’
    • ‘I have my party dress on.’
    • ‘My hair is down, I have high-heels on, and am wearing a black sleeveless dress that hugs my curves all the way down to my knees.’
    • ‘He was wearing the dark blue uniform, though he didn't have his shoes on.’
    • ‘Mary is dressed in a full-length gown and she has sandals on her feet.’
    be wearing, be dressed in, be clothed in, be garbed in, be attired in, be turned out in, be decked out in, be tricked out in, be robed in
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  • 2Be committed to an arrangement.

    ‘I've got a lot on at the moment’
    • ‘I can't make the game. I've got something else on that day.’
    • ‘Actually, I’ve got something on then, but I’m not doing anything Sunday.’
    be committed to, have arranged, have planned, have organized, have fixed up, have on the agenda, have made arrangements for
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