Definition of have (got) nothing on in US English:

have (got) nothing on


  • 1Be not nearly as good as (someone or something), especially in a particular respect.

    ‘bright though his three sons were, they had nothing on Sally’
    • ‘We knew Manchester United against Manchester City, Arsenal against Tottenham and later Manchester United against Liverpool didn't have anything on the Old Firm derby.’
    • ‘Fergie and me acted as firemen just as it set fire to the table cloth, the rest of the room oblivious to our tactics… Batman and Robin have got nothing on Fergie and Sven.’
    • ‘All those wrote-a-story-about-murder-and-got-expelled-from-school anecdotes have got nothing on seven-year-old Paul.’
    • ‘As Rich said on the drive last night: ‘Citizen Kane has got nothing on this one’.’
    • ‘Well, if you think today's Hollywood leading men love them and leave them, they have got nothing on Howard Hughes, baby.’
    • ‘We are all agents with the same password. 007 has got nothing on us!’
    • ‘Barry Norman has got nothing on me, as I have watched every DVD on the market - I really have watched every new release there is.’
    • ‘Rip Van Winkle has nothing on the U.S. electric-transmission industry, which has slept for nearly two decades while market restructuring changed the world around it.’
    • ‘It's decent, but doesn't really have anything on the original (which doesn't have much room for improvement).’
    • ‘Magic the Gathering has got nothing on the new role-playing card game, Wacky Tobacco Torture.’
  • 2have nothing" or "something onKnow nothing (or something) discreditable or incriminating about (someone)

    ‘I am not worried—they've got nothing on me’
    • ‘I mean, if they had anything on me and they had proceeded lawfully, like a court order or an affidavit, they didn't have to come to me.’
    • ‘So you think you are as free as a bird - free to roam the globe in anonymity, safe in the knowledge that no one has anything on you.’
    • ‘If somebody tells me that they're on the verge of arresting me, my response would be, I haven't done anything to be arrested for, not, they don't have anything on me.’
    • ‘I don't know what he's so afraid of; he must think I've got something on him.’
    • ‘Those guys don't have anything on me.’
    • ‘And just like then, those Enforcers don't have anything on me.’
    • ‘They had this guy whom they knew was holding a little girl who would die unless they got hold of her, but they didn't have anything on him.’
    • ‘She'd love to have something on me, I know it.’
    • ‘If the Justice Department tells the press we don't have anything on him, why do they keep telling the press that he's a person of interest?’
    • ‘But I would get over it and most importantly; at least you wouldn't have anything on me.’
    have no evidence against, know nothing bad about, know nothing damning about, have no incriminating information about
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