Definition of haunting in US English:



  • Poignant and evocative; difficult to ignore or forget.

    ‘the melodies were elaborate and of haunting beauty’
    • ‘Even after giving due recognition to lyricists and music directors, who can forget the haunting baritone that evokes such nostalgia in our minds, asks Johnson.’
    • ‘I slept fitfully, awakened from time to time by my fears alone, at others by the haunting war cries or the percussive sound of an explosion in the distance.’
    • ‘This haunting song was a brilliant musical evocation of the social devastation of the Thatcher years.’
    • ‘This is a night of wondrous things; crashing guitars and beautiful sounds and haunting voices and clever, true and haunting words.’
    • ‘The sounds of Icelandic volcanoes provide a haunting backdrop to the scene.’
    • ‘The haunting melody drifted up towards them, sounding eerily like to an owl hooting at nighttime.’
    • ‘Dancers and pipers, resplendent in their magnificent uniforms and kilts, and the haunting sounds of bagpipes set a distinctive background for a memorable day out in the open.’
    • ‘The fast footwork, rhythmic clapping and haunting singing radiate an atmosphere of passion and raw emotion.’
    • ‘The story of sacrifice, of both men and beast, when combined with the desolate scenery creates a haunting atmosphere.’
    • ‘In the distance a horn blew a haunting melody of darkness.’
    • ‘From afar, there lies great beauty, but closer, beauty is made out of haunting dreams and realities.’
    • ‘The kind of haunting beauty, which evokes long forgotten, hidden memories and fills you with a joy undefined and yet, leaves you unsatisfied.’
    • ‘The mysterious beauty of hundreds of handmade candle lanterns and the haunting figures of stiltwalkers are glowingly reflected in the placid rippling water of Trout Lake.’
    • ‘Jonathan Jones pays tribute to a stirring, haunting modern masterpiece put together from decaying old film footage’
    • ‘The beauty of the graphics and the haunting music score cemented Homeworld as one of my all-time favourite games.’
    • ‘He later held a questionnaire in the Old Pit Head Baths and Seamus says you could hear the haunting sounds of another time echoing back to him.’
    • ‘The haunting atmosphere of the old wartime camp at Spring Hill near Broadway has inspired a dark tale of murder and mystery.’
    • ‘The ending offers a particularly haunting and poignant gesture - the reunion of a family torn apart on a purely phantasmic, spiritual cinematic plane.’
    • ‘The Fifth Symphony is one of a series of works of a beauty of which evokes the haunting adagios of Mahler.’
    • ‘‘This was about 16 years ago, but I still remember its haunting beauty,’ he says.’
    evocative, affecting, moving, touching, emotive, expressive, powerful, stirring, atmospheric, soul-stirring
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