Definition of hauberk in English:



  • A piece of armor originally covering only the neck and shoulders but later consisting of a full-length coat of mail or military tunic.

    • ‘The dark cuirass was worn over a closely linked black chain mail hauberk.’
    • ‘He wore a short hauberk over a leather shirt and weather-beaten old leather leggings.’
    • ‘By the eleventh century the coif was often integrated with the hauberk becoming a hood.’
    • ‘With their muscular frame underneath their dark green colored hauberk, Luidman were one of Aragon's strongest and ever faithful allies.’
    • ‘The four knights went back to the mulberry tree in the yard to remove their covering garments, put on their hauberks, and gather their swords.’
    armour, coat of mail, chain mail, chain armour
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Middle English: from Old French hauberc, hausberc, originally denoting protection for the neck, of Germanic origin.