Definition of hattock in US English:



  • 1Scottish. A little hat. Chiefly in "horse and hattock": a cry said to be uttered by witches or fairies wishing to transport themselves (especially magically) to another place; (later more generally) used to urge haste, especially to riders mounting horses. Now rare.

  • 2Chiefly English regional (northern and midlands). A group of sheaves of corn placed upright, the tops of which are protected from the rain by two sheaves laid over them with their heads slanting downwards; compare "shock""stook". Also: †either of the two covering sheaves themselves; compare "hood-sheaf" (obsolete rare).


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Gavin Douglas (c1476–1522), poet and bishop of Dunkeld. Apparently from hat + -ock.