Definition of hatchway in US English:



  • An opening or hatch, especially in a ship's deck.

    • ‘He then opened the maintenance hatchways, removed the covers and began the slow job of pulling canister after canister of spent activated charcoal from their holders.’
    • ‘A mariner emerges from the hatchway and climbs the rigging, while below the boatswain and ship's master are thrown about on deck.’
    • ‘When we arrived on the dock some of the cargo was still being loaded - some sad-looking cattle were being urged through a large hatchway into the bowels of the ship, lowing miserably as they went.’
    • ‘He was going to find the manual door controls but as soon as he stepped near the hatchway, they slowly opened up automatically and the light started flowing through.’
    • ‘All that could be seen of the two craft that the ship possessed were the two identical hatchways, which led into the darkness of the interior of the pods.’
    • ‘The two of them headed down the hatchway to the lowest deck.’
    • ‘The bulkheads were low and sections were separated with hatchways that sat about eight inches above the floor.’
    • ‘A huge oaken door with a small hatchway halfway up loomed in front of Wolf.’
    • ‘Soldiers began to emerge from the swollen hatchways on the surface like ants pouring forth from their hill.’
    • ‘Other small huts on the deck cover a hatchway below decks and the rigging store.’
    • ‘A hatchway between leads back into the forecastle, a tight and very silty space should you feel inclined to explore.’
    • ‘As they came through the hatchway at the bottom of the sail, the entire crew, dressed in formal dress attire, snapped to attention.’
    • ‘Halfway down the steps leading to this deck, an open hatchway leads beneath the wheelhouse.’
    • ‘She grabbed a jacket on the way outside, and went through the hatchway to the deck.’
    • ‘This diver is entering the wreck through a broken hatchway.’
    • ‘Then both brothers startled as the engine room hatchway grated open, the metal protesting as it had to be forced.’
    • ‘The forward storeroom can be exited through an open hatchway upward to the bow deck.’
    • ‘Those hatchways weren't really meant for human access, but she was a little double-jointed so she'd been able to wriggle up and into the ship without too much problem.’
    • ‘Once connected all the ramps lit up and the hanger door opened meaning that the hatchways to the rest of the ship and the control room were sealed.’
    • ‘Blair laughed, then followed Jim through the hatchway and up the stairs to the pilot house.’