Definition of hatchet job in English:

hatchet job


  • A fierce attack on someone or their work, especially in print.

    ‘the author's attempted hatchet job on the judge was totally unjustified and irresponsible’
    • ‘His tirade in today's Herald Sun was a complete hatchet job on him.’
    • ‘The score and dialogue suffer from the usual hatchet job on the highs and lows, leaving the music sounding a bit on the harsh side.’
    • ‘During that bout, he did a hatchet job book on C.S. Lewis, wrote any number of inane diatribes against theism in general and Christianity in particular.’
    • ‘Lucy's desire to write a book is buffered by the total hatchet job she does on her husband and friends.’
    • ‘I hesitate even to call it a review - hatchet job is more like it.’
    savage, attack, lambaste, condemn, criticize severely, flay, shoot down, pillory, revile
    jump on, tear to pieces, take to pieces, pull apart, take apart, lay into, pitch into, hammer, slam, bash, crucify, give something a battering, roast, skewer, throw brickbats at, knock
    slate, rubbish, slag off
    bad-mouth, pummel
    trash, bag, monster, give someone bondi
    excoriate, slash
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hatchet job

/ˈhaCHət ˌjäb/