Definition of hash mark in US English:

hash mark


  • 1A service stripe worn on the left sleeve of an enlisted person's uniform to indicate three years of service in the army or four years in the navy.

    • ‘One of the Honor Guards had 10 'hash marks' on his sleeve.’
    • ‘Note the belted jacket with shoulder insignia and longevity ‘hash marks’ on the sleeves.’
    1. 1.1 A service stripe on any uniform.
      • ‘This man had more stripes and hash marks up and down his sleeves than you can ever imagine.’
      • ‘Military-like hash marks indicating years of service will be worn on the new long-sleeve shirts in New York City; on short sleeves, a bar over the breast pocket serves the same purpose.’
  • 2American Football
    One of a series of marks made along parallel lines that delineate the middle of the field, used to spot the ball after a play ends outside these lines.

    • ‘Against Denver's cover - 2, the game plan is to let the receivers catch the ball between the hash marks and let the hard-hitting safeties blow them up.’
    • ‘The majority of his throws have been outside the hash marks.’
    • ‘So instead of attacking inside the hash marks, quarterback Matt Leinart has been forced to work outside of the hashes with fades and quick curls - where the boundaries limit yards after the catch.’
    • ‘Against Baltimore, for instance, Wesley intercepted a pass near the sideline after breaking for the ball from the far hash mark.’
    • ‘But the skill of booting successful field goals still has a learning curve due to college football's rules that the kick will take place on either side of the hash marks if that is where the ball was downed the previous play.’
  • 3The symbol #.

    • ‘I was just wondering if there's any possibility to have hylafax send the tone equivalent to pressing the hash mark on a regular phone?’
    • ‘Shown is a representative egg-laying pattern, with egg-laying events indicated by hash marks.’
    • ‘Why aren't these students mere hash marks representing a quota met for her recruiting territory?’
    • ‘The bad news is, there are a couple places where the fire can cross more easily eastward into the populated areas (those purple hash marks on the map represent urban and suburban areas).’
    • ‘If you absolutely can't produce a pound sign, it has become conventional in computing circles to use the hash mark instead (hence its other name).’