Definition of hash house in US English:

hash house


North American
  • A cheap restaurant.

    • ‘They have worked in the same hash house for some time before progressing to an ostensible one-night stand.’
    • ‘Lang, who lives with his sister and whose only friends are the kindly owner of a hash house where he eats and the owner's small but spirited son, is a typical high-minded loser.’
    • ‘The hash house for me, and some job like it for you. A lousy parking lot job, where you wear a smock.’
    • ‘I know every corner of downtown so well that I see the buildings that once occupied the parking lots, the fine old department stores, the marquees and awnings of the nightclubs and hash houses and chow mein joints.’


hash house

/ˈhaSH ˌhous/