Definition of harvester in US English:



  • 1A person or machine that gathers crops as a harvest.

    ‘back-breaking labor as hired sugar beet harvesters’
    ‘the world's first mechanical harvester of grapes’
    • ‘A whiff of corn dust was sent my way by that day's early season harvesters of our spotty, weakened crop.’
    • ‘He worked for nearly a decade as a lettuce harvester.’
    • ‘It is a fair trade, environmentally and economically just coffee that allows the coffee harvesters to be paid a living wage.’
    • ‘There will be different proficiencies between individual workers on the grounds; this is true for harvesters of all horticultural crops.’
    • ‘Pesticides slowly destroy the health of coffee harvesters and the fragile environment surrounding them.’
    • ‘An ethical harvester of wild plants ponders the best way to preserve and protect the wild plants he depends on.’
    • ‘The maize harvesters are working flat out, with all the signs pointing to excellent yields and feed quality from early-drilled crops.’
    • ‘The harvester of bamboo shoots looks for cracks on the surface of the earth and digs up the emerging shoots almost before they come out.’
    • ‘The farmer jumped off the grain harvester he was driving.’
    • ‘We asked the onion harvesters to wear protective goggles, which are used in industry for spray or injection protection.’
    1. 1.1 A person who catches or kills animals for human consumption.
      ‘coastal fish harvesters are always the first to notice the decline of fish stocks’
      • ‘The three-year ban has left the state's environmental law-enforcement officers chasing illegal herring harvesters who have become increasingly more difficult to catch.’
      • ‘These crofter-fish harvesters were skilled at and knowledgeable about fishing for such purposes.’
      • ‘Modern equipment has thus made it possible for fish harvesters to identify virtually all lobster habitats in the bay that are worth fishing.’
      • ‘It's an amazing sort of an island that had its own community of bird harvesters and wool gatherers who lived there autonomously.’
      • ‘It looks like another good year for lobster harvesters on the Eastern Shore.’
      • ‘Audio or video recordings were made of each interview during on-the-land workshops with elders and caribou harvesters.’
      • ‘Speaking fluent French was a real asset in the land of the Cajuns, and most fun was working with the trappers, duck hunters, and alligator harvesters with their leases.’
      • ‘Clam and mussel harvesters have been helped by the dry weather, with few flats being shut down because of bacterial pollution caused by runoff from rainstorms.’
      • ‘Clam harvesters are starting to look at an ecosystem-based approach to managing their resource.’
      • ‘They are managed locally as common property, but there is no state recognition of local fish harvesters' rights to manage the resource.’
    2. 1.2 A person or organization that collects or obtains a resource for future use.
      ‘one of the world's biggest harvesters of the sun's energy’
      • ‘This is a technique that password harvesters use to lull you into thinking you're accessing an official page — most folks don't bother checking more than the’
      • ‘She said: "If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper, you will become a woodworker, a geneticist and a honey harvester."’
      • ‘Massive information harvesters offer the world near infinite information at near instant speeds.’
      • ‘I have received an email imploring me to sign a petition that's probably an email harvester.’
      • ‘China is to throw its economic might behind a national solar power plan that could result in it becoming one of the world's biggest harvesters of the sun's energy.’
      • ‘One of the finest harvesters of talents, he is once again working his magic and bringing some fresh and creative blood into his roster.’
      • ‘It originally developed its small silicon "energy harvester" to power sensors in automobiles.’
      • ‘The girls had the distinction of being successful rainwater harvesters.’
      • ‘He keeps an eye on the four helium harvesters that constantly roam the surface.’
      • ‘If the site is not itself a spam harvester, they certainly are not making any effort to obscure the addresses they have collected.’