Definition of harpooner in US English:



  • See harpoon

    • ‘Foremost among the whalers was the harpooner and among the great harpooners the name of Ollivierre stands out.’
    • ‘The daring and skill of these whale hunters is especially highlighted by the harpooner who balances on a platform at the front of the boat and thrusts himself from the platform, along with the harpoon, in order to add his weight to the throw.’
    • ‘Into the early twentieth century, before the decline of the whaling industry, Cape Verdeans were prominent on the Whalers, serving in every capacity from ship captains to harpooners to shipmates.’
    • ‘The two men became fast friends, both signing on as harpooners aboard the Pequod, a Quaker-owned whaler out of Nantucket.’
    • ‘In one 1995 piece, ‘The Whale Hunters,’ he tells of the time that a harpooner on the Caribbean island of Bequia, Athneal Ollivierre, was knocked out when a whale crushed the side of his boat.’