Definition of harmoniously in US English:



  • 1With harmony of sound; tunefully.

    ‘the girls sang harmoniously’
    • ‘The aggressive, sawing electric viola, "grungy" guitar, and shrieking feedback were remarkable at a time when rock music was dominated by bands singing harmoniously about peace and love.’
    • ‘They sang harmoniously and danced the simple routines with style.’
    • ‘The group was spawned eight years ago when a bunch of friends got dolled up for a concert, and discovered a set of harmoniously blended vocal cords.’
    • ‘Harmoniously using string, piano flute and voice, it seems inspired from the past in its form.’
    • ‘Each element of the band's sound blended harmoniously.’
    • ‘They did manage to integrate those vocals with their music much more harmoniously than their inspiration ever did.’
    • ‘It is late morning, and the sound of spring blends harmoniously with the chirping birds.’
    • ‘Different types of bells and glass chimed to create a sound that was harmoniously beautiful.’
    • ‘The hierarchy of lead singer over chorus in Beatles music is harmoniously achieved.’
    • ‘My sister and I are having a wonderful birthday party, complete with beautiful birthday cakes and the two of us singing Happy Birthday harmoniously.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that forms a pleasing or consistent whole.
      ‘the resort harmoniously blends into its natural surroundings’
      • ‘The company aim to provide a unique dance experience, harmoniously combining classical and contemporary dance.’
      • ‘The musical direction and choreography turn this into a piece of total theatre in which speech, song, and dance harmoniously unite.’
      • ‘The director of the committee described environmental pilot projects that would constitute a plan to "create a model for a society and environment where man and nature coexist harmoniously."’
      • ‘The ruin at the left is placed within an idealized landscape that is harmoniously balanced and suffused with a soft, glowing light.’
      • ‘They successfully solved the task of harmoniously combining genuine 14th century glass with glass from the time of a restoration in 1830.’
      • ‘Common elements of both Chinese and Victorian architecture are used to harmoniously blend the new and the old.’
      • ‘This is a well-made wine that delivers sweet red and black fruits harmoniously integrated with ripe tannins and soft acidity.’
      • ‘He harmoniously combines both traditions.’
      • ‘He gave a passionate speech, outlining his vision of a world in which towns and cities would be built to blend harmoniously with the environment.’
      • ‘"Why rule out building towers if they integrate harmoniously in the urban landscape," he said.’
    2. 1.2 In a way that is free from disagreement or dissent.
      ‘the team lives and works harmoniously together’
      • ‘Ultimately, we want to live harmoniously on earth, with the wealth of other living beings.’
      • ‘I think we've worked very closely and harmoniously with the allies that we've developed on the ground.’
      • ‘The two communities coexisted harmoniously for generations.’
      • ‘In spite of my efforts to work harmoniously in the hospital, I am being seriously misrepresented and criticised in the record of that incident.’
      • ‘They are neither able to harmoniously unite the continent, nor to respond to the US challenge.’
      • ‘The religious believer can coexist harmoniously with the non-religious.’
      • ‘If they interact harmoniously, the entire nation benefits.’
      • ‘"It's challenging to the younger generations to remember where you came from, and to maintain the traditions that keep everyone in the community working harmoniously and joyously together," he said.’
      • ‘Most of the cultures represented at the time worked harmoniously toward a common goal.’
      • ‘Letters to his wife at the time made plain that they worked closely and harmoniously at all stages of drafting.’