Definition of harmolodics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A form of free jazz in which musicians improvise simultaneously on a melodic line at various pitches.

    • ‘Despite this, the sheer volume of sound serves as a uniting force and in some ways it seems to suggest a sort of free jazz guitar version of Ornette Coleman harmolodics.’
    • ‘Despite the commercial viability of both genres, he has had no desire to replicate harmolodics any more than straightforward bebop.’
    • ‘The latters skewed Delta Blues harmolodics are evoked in ‘Somewhere in the East’, where a spot of retuning gives the guitar a sour, oud like sound (even though the melody hints at ‘Strangers in the Night’).’


1970s: coined by the American saxophonist Ornette Coleman (1930–2015) and said to be a blend of harmony, movement, and melodic.