Definition of harlot in English:



  • A prostitute or promiscuous woman.

    • ‘Everyone would think that she was a harlot who slept around.’
    • ‘She is often referred to as a whore and a harlot, for she is of lower class than both Desdemona and Emilia.’
    • ‘When choosing red we are not choosing to be strumpets, harlots, hookers, liars, and witches, but rather to wear their totemic color, the shade of Mars as well as that of heartbreak, to see how we look.’
    • ‘Once athletic girls in pleated short short skirts, they displayed sexual temptation as unchaste harlots, now they've atoned for their sinfulness.’
    • ‘I asked her what she did for work; she told me she was a dancer; then in another moment, she explained she was a stripper, a harlot, a prostitute.’
    prostitute, whore, call girl, sex worker, white slave
    promiscuous woman, slut, hussy
    model, escort, masseuse
    fille de joie, demi-mondaine, grande horizontale
    pro, tail, brass nail, tom, ho, woman on the game, working girl, member of the oldest profession, floozie, moll
    scrubber, slag, slapper
    hooker, tramp, hustler, roundheel
    tart, streetwalker, woman of the streets, woman of the night, scarlet woman, loose woman, fallen woman, woman of easy virtue, cocotte
    strumpet, courtesan, trollop, wanton, woman of ill repute, lady of pleasure, cyprian, doxy, drab, quean, trull, wench
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Middle English (denoting a vagabond or beggar, later a lecherous man or woman): from Old French harlot, herlot young man, knave, vagabond.