Definition of harebell in US English:



  • A widely distributed bellflower with slender stems and pale blue flowers in late summer.

    Campanula rotundifolia, family Campanulaceae

    Also called bluebell, especially in Scotland
    • ‘Yorkshire folk turned prickly yesterday after a wild flower charity announced that the common harebell had replaced the white rose as the county's floral emblem.’
    • ‘There are orchid verges again, views to the moors on a clear day, and there was a patch of harebells.’
    • ‘Purple gentians and orchids, blue scabious and harebells, orange hawkweeds, and cream and pink yarrow provide a kaleidoscope of colour to enjoy at the end of your walk.’
    • ‘Blue harebells and spring squill grew along the cliff path.’
    • ‘The August sand-dune flora includes harebell and bloody crane's-bill, with sea rocket along the strand line and stonechats perched in the burnet roses.’


Middle English: probably so named because it is found growing in places frequented by hares.