Definition of hare wallaby in US English:

hare wallaby


  • A small, agile, fast-moving Australian wallaby with orange rings of fur around the eyes.

    Genera Lagorchestes and Lagostrophus, family Macropodidae: several species

    • ‘When a rufous hare wallaby is disturbed in the burrow, it will jump out quickly and try to escape.’
    • ‘The banded hare wallaby was once common over the semi-arid regions of southern Western Australia.’
    • ‘In the wild, the spectacled hare wallaby lives off grasses, herb foliage, fruit and seeds.’
    • ‘Banded hare wallabies currently live on uninhabited islands, so they have little interaction with humans.’
    • ‘Many species of wallaby are about the size of a hare; some so resemble hares that they are called hare wallabies.’