Definition of hardwired in English:



  • 1Involving or achieved by permanently connected circuits.

    • ‘For those who prefer a hard-wired connection, it's got a Gigabit Ethernet port.’
    • ‘Once you see the wireless network as your platform, rather than a specific hard-wired device like the PC, all sorts of things become possible.’
    • ‘In electronic jargon we can imagine that it is a hard-wired input - output circuit.’
    • ‘The confluence of the convention, various interest groups and the debut of the hard-wired interconnect in Philadelphia has led to an unexpected amount of political advertising for Comcast over the past few months.’
    • ‘He dismissed claims from ServGate that NetScreen's hardware lacks flexibility, pointing out that its appliances feature programmable RISC processors as well as hard-wired ASICs.’
    1. 1.1informal Genetically determined or compelled.
      ‘fear is hardwired in our brain’
      • ‘We also know that in the years before they attend our camp, their hard-wired neural networks have grown, as a consequence of maturation and learning.’
      • ‘Is this website designed for some sort of male hard-wired brain phenomenon?’
      • ‘Recently, an article was published suggesting that the human brain is hard-wired to believe in the supernatural.’
      • ‘And Dr Lamont's work is amongst the growing body of research that suggests that musicality is somehow hard-wired into our brain at birth.’
      • ‘Nobody should be foolish enough to suggest that there aren't some hard-wired genetic predispositions in gender.’
      • ‘Most of the farmers I know are farmers because they have to be - they're hard-wired to it.’
      • ‘Contrary to what most people believe, the tendency to be prejudiced is a form of common sense, hard-wired into the human brain through evolution as an adaptive response to protect our prehistoric ancestors from danger.’
      • ‘His little hard-wired rat brain was not up to this.’
      • ‘Well, this intriguing idea that our response to moving bodies is somehow hard-wired into our social brains is confirmed by some exciting research results just out of the UK.’
      • ‘As Sax explains, at the heart of the debate about gender is a paradox: To ignore the hard-wired differences between boys and girls is to perpetuate gender stereotypes.’
      • ‘Furthermore, it appears that these senses do not merely supply information, but also elicit hard-wired reflex responses without going through the brain at all.’
      • ‘Well, the first study that you've just mentioned, looking at absolute pitch differences and the fact that babies can tell the difference there, is really something that's babies are pre-wired or hard-wired to be able to do.’
      • ‘Human behavior may be complex, but it's been following the same set of hard-wired moral instincts since way before Moses came down from the mountain.’
      • ‘He says people may be outnumbered by bacteria, but people are hard-wired to win.’
      • ‘He survives only through primitive, hard-wired instinct: He doesn't want to die alone.’
      • ‘Rather, as Adelson also says, they result from hard-wired adaptations that work highly effectively for seeing what we evolved to see, yet can be tricked by artificial scenes.’
      • ‘Girls may be biologically hard-wired to engage in sophisticated, non-violent forms of aggression that can hurt just as much as a punch in the face from a boy, a conference heard Wednesday.’
      • ‘It's not megalomania or vanity but a hard-wired human need to express yourself.’
      • ‘Fantz deduced that human babies are hard-wired to recognize visual stimuli that are important for survival and later development.’
      • ‘But does this tell us anything about genetic hard-wired distinctions?’