Definition of hardtop in US English:



  • 1A motor vehicle with a rigid roof that in some cases is detachable.

    • ‘Instead of such normal teenage activities I picked her up in my '53 Merc hardtop and we drove to the gun shop to pick up my custom Arvo Ojala rig.’
    • ‘The 2003 Chevrolet SSR is a hardtop convertible looking like an old-school pickup truck.’
    • ‘In his photo essay of his summer vacation, Doc portrayed himself as the owner of an outrageously expensive Lexus SC430, a hardtop convertible with enough technology to fly to Uranus and back.’
    • ‘For hardtops, a roll bar is needed at 11.99 seconds.’
    • ‘‘There really aren't many hardtops anymore, at least [not] out here on the West Coast,’ Seligmiller said.’
    • ‘And so did convertible lovers who find the PT appealing but wouldn't own a hardtop, particularly one without much pep.’
    • ‘It is said that the new car, a four-seater hardtop will have the long-nosed look of its ancestor, although the new model, if it gets the green light for production, will be front wheel drive.’
    • ‘Being a hardtop also helps make the Libra more practical from the security and weatherproofing points of view, while open top motoring for sunny days is available courtesy of the lift-out roof panel.’
    • ‘If a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, it follows that the dawn of high-volume injection molded car bodies could begin with the production of 5,000 Jeep Wrangler hardtops.’
    • ‘The first BMW 6 Series lived from 1976 to 1989 and it was the last large two-door hardtop sporting car which the company produced.’
    • ‘The hardtop Defender is also available in the 90, 110 and 130 versions.’
    • ‘In the circumstances I was also glad it was the hardtop coupe version rather than the ragtop roadster, though less than perfect sealing round the doors and window vents meant it was still slightly draughty.’
    • ‘This hardtop convertible is fetching from any angle and will undoubtedly be a big hit with the rich and famous.’
    • ‘The simplicity of transforming the SC430 from a hardtop to topless is startling.’
    • ‘The new model was first shown as a hardtop coupe at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn.’
    • ‘The problem with many is limited rear legroom, particularly in the folding hardtop versions such as the Renault Mégane and Peugeot 206 and 307, where the roof takes up a lot of space.’
    • ‘While sharing the stylish look of the hardtop Coupe, the CCS features new 18 inch wheels with Michelin 225 / 40x18 tyres, as well as new front and rear light clusters.’
    • ‘In spite of innovative hatchback sedans, four-door hardtops, and four-door convertibles, KF sales plunged by 56 percent.’
    • ‘They probably didn't build many hardtops with the 428, much less a convertible.’
    • ‘And more recently, the company further validated its belief in this technology when it announced it will be used for mass production on MY2001 Jeep Wrangler hardtops.’
    1. 1.1 A rigid roof on a motor vehicle.
      • ‘Nor does Porsche produce the similar hardtop that graces the 911 Carrera Cabriolet.’
      • ‘The standard roof on the Roadster-coupé is a plastic hardtop.’
      • ‘Its retractable hardtop makes it possible to drive the car year-round with little concern for the weather.’
      • ‘One of the manufacturing issues related to making a convertible that doesn't exist in making hardtops is installing the top module.’
      • ‘Based on the next Corvette platform, the XLR gets a retractable hardtop and Northstar V - 8.’
      • ‘One debuted roll-up windows (vs. plastic side curtains) and a removable hardtop.’
      • ‘The retractable hardtop has been designed to fold down around it.’
      • ‘The retractable hardtop unlatches, separates into multiple sections, then folds neatly under a hard cover in 29 seconds.’
      • ‘For the ultimate feeling of adventure, the three-door comes with a detachable rear hardtop.’
      • ‘Jean Guy Cocaign, engineering manager at the Rochester, Mich., facility says that it's easier to do a retractable hardtop on a small car because of the lighter panels and the need for fewer kinematics.’
      • ‘Some of the plastics technology that the DCX engineers are working with on the concepts is being used for a thermoplastic hardtop that will be available on as many as 5,000 of the 2001 model year Jeep Wrangler.’
      • ‘While retractable hardtops are not unusual (especially in the ultra-luxury segment), the SSR's is unique and highly innovative.’
      • ‘Ford's 1957-59 Skyliner retractable hardtops are collectors' items today, but fussy period electrics made them unreliable.’
      • ‘Mercedes made a very good decision to put a retractable hardtop on the SL.’
      • ‘GM designed the retractable hardtop with CTS CarTopSystems North America Inc.’
      • ‘Although sedans like the 540 and estates like the V50 have hardtops that utilize the roof structure in order to deal with crash energy management, the C70 doesn't afford that opportunity.’
      • ‘Likewise, the SSR has a retractable hardtop, engineered by ASC.’
      • ‘GM selected the German based Car Top Systems to engineer and produce the retractable hardtop system and it is nothing short of an electro-hydraulic marvel.’
      • ‘A detachable hardtop will be available in some markets.’
      • ‘The challenge there is that you can't take the hardtop with you in case it rains and conversely, if the weather's great you have to leave the hardtop somewhere to enjoy open-air motoring.’
      • ‘The production SSR will retain a retractable hardtop, like that of the concept vehicle - a capability ‘which is ASC's forte,’ the executive explains.’
      • ‘The retractable hardtop adds to the bubbly appearance when it's covering the cockpit.’