Definition of hardtail in US English:



  • 1A bicycle or motorcycle that has suspension at the front but not at the rear.

    ‘there are a few key skills that will allow you to ride a hardtail effectively’
    as modifier ‘a nice hardtail mountain bike’
    • ‘While we say the hardtail has seen its day, there still remains room for that rider who appreciates the simplicity and function of a well-tuned steel mountain bike.’
    • ‘A completely custom rear end had to be engineered for racers who still crave this ultimate weight savings of a hardtail.’
    • ‘I found this bike to handle the rougher descents with more control than a hardtail.’
    • ‘I presently live in the flattest part of the country where the course takes me 45 seconds on a hardtail.’
    • ‘There are still a number of folks who'd prefer to gussy-up a hardtail rather than drop the big bucks on a new bike.’
    • ‘Most hardtail mountain bikes are aluminum; only a rebellious handful are steel.’
    • ‘With the cross-country course offering predominantly dry, fast road conditions, it was no surprise that most of pro men chose to run hardtail rigs.’
    • ‘It's a hardtail, so you can't go warbling on about braking and pedal feedback.’
    • ‘One of our forum moderators and has only ever ridden a hardtail.’
    • ‘There's still something magical about the ride of a smartly tuned steel hardtail.’
  • 2An electric guitar with a fixed bridge.

    ‘the tuning stability of a hardtail’
    as modifier ‘a hardtail bridge’
    • ‘If this was hardtail with a neck pickup, I'd consider it.’
    • ‘The bridge is a fixed hardtail, looks and plays like a normal Strat style trem, just bolted down for stability.’
    • ‘It's one of those white, hardtail, three bolt strats with a maple neck.’
    • ‘Its longer scale and hardtail bridge make it comfortable to play compared to the short-scale vintage pieces.’
    • ‘This union also creates a greater breakpoint allowing open strings to maintain pitch when bending another, much like a hardtail.’
    • ‘the black hardtail was lovely, but the white one was very artificial sounding and just seemed more uncomfortable to play.’
    • ‘It is made with rosewood on the fretboard and a hardtail bridge.’
    • ‘It was a hardtail, which was kind of interesting, and I really got into that.’
    • ‘The R-trem can lock with a clip to act as a hardtail.’
    • ‘Both are available in hardtail and vibrato tail versions.’
    • ‘I would love a hardtail strat.’
  • 3A blue runner (fish).

    See runner (sense 9)
    • ‘A lot of small fish will do the job—Spanish mackerel, bluefish—but the preferred bait is the hardtail.’
    • ‘He said the Spanish mackerel, baby bonito and hardtails like to feed on the minnows.’
    • ‘The amberjack latched on to the foot-long hardtail they were using for bait.’
    • ‘The medium-sized hardtail scad fish was sold cheaply the main market today.’
    • ‘Our waters teemed with Spanish sardines, threadfins, and hardtails.’
    • ‘We are already seeing large schools of Spanish sardines and hardtails taking up residence on local artificial reefs, ledges, channel markers and wrecks.’