Definition of hardheadedly in US English:



  • See hardheaded

    • ‘In his own life, he hard-headedly defended his rights as an Egyptian citizen, applying for positions and grants in the face of official disapproval.’
    • ‘Any such definitive analysis, however, would need to respond, at the very least, both to his at once ‘avant- garde’ and hard-headedly commercial use of abstracted, deliberately over-stylised backgrounds and movements, and to the logical circularity which repeatedly dictates the emotional lives of his characters.’
    • ‘Keller plays the anti drug game hard-heartedly and hard-headedly, seeking the big win no matter what he must lose on the way.’
    • ‘The book is a curious mixture of the Panglossian - the US as a kindly elephant, centre of the global ecosystem - and the hard-headedly critical.’
    • ‘It is this strength in unity, this common front that would have helped the continent enormously had there been a decision to compromise on the veto question and hard-headedly pursue real and lasting reform at the important world body.’