Definition of hardheaded in US English:



  • Practical and realistic; not sentimental.

    ‘as experienced and hardheaded a bunch of legislators as has ever entered Congress’
    • ‘But hard-headed businessmen don't blow thousands on these events for nothing.’
    • ‘I've come to cherish the hard-headed practicality of the hero's wife in Henry Handel Richardson's The Fortunes of Richard Mahony.’
    • ‘This is a kind of huge practicality, a hard-headed balancing act.’
    • ‘Some might say this proves that no matter how hard-headed you are in business, the heart is not so clever.’
    • ‘But then they also know that I'm in favor of it for hard-headed, realistic reasons.’
    • ‘Too hard-headed a businessman to buy into the whole Field of Dreams scenario, he is nevertheless driven by a vision which he knows is shared by many people.’
    • ‘Their ambition to succeed seems to be matched only by their hard-headed realism about selling and how to do it.’
    • ‘Good to see youth justice in the charge of such a hard-headed realist.’
    • ‘A shrewd, hard-headed businessman typical of his age, he speedily restored abbey finances after years of mismanagement.’
    • ‘For hard-headed realism, the international is a domain of power, mistrust and recurrence of conflict.’
    • ‘She's just a hard-headed, practical girl, sharp enough to see how much trouble she's in, but not sharp enough to do a whole lot about it.’
    • ‘He was also hard-headed enough to realise that being on the stock market did the club no favours, so he delisted it, putting himself out of a job.’
    • ‘It radiates hard-headed realism, icy egoism and unsentimental calculation.’
    • ‘While many people might imagine the writer's life is one of poetry and romance, Ms Traviss took a very practical and hard-headed approach to the project.’
    • ‘Even the most hard-headed realist must shudder at the thought of a world without music.’
    • ‘This Chancellor has a hard-headed and realistic approach to financial management.’
    • ‘I don't think many people are aware quite how much theatre design is a hard-headed practical matter.’
    • ‘Scots have a reputation for being hard-headed, realistic folk, bearing perhaps some similarity to the people of Yorkshire.’
    • ‘One thing is sure, the festival of the future will have a more commercial and hard-headed business edge to it and will seek to capitalise much more on the brand name, Rose of Tralee.’
    • ‘The cult of hard-headed routine and practicality, as expressed here, was often just another form of romanticism, and by no means always the most effective.’
    unsentimental, practical, pragmatic, businesslike, realistic, sensible, rational, tough, clear-thinking, cool-headed, hard-bitten, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, no-nonsense, with both feet on the ground, with one's feet on the ground
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