Definition of hardhead in US English:


(also hardhead catfish)


  • A marine catfish, the male of which incubates the eggs inside its mouth. It occurs along the Atlantic coast of North America.

    Arius felis, family Ariidae

    • ‘Species that fall into this category include sand trout, whiting, croaker, pompano, gafftopsail and hardhead (not tasty) catfish, and an assortment of even smaller fish that hang around rocks and pilings.’
    • ‘Many human mothers have serious cravings while pregnant, but a hardhead catfish father needs to check his appetite if he wants his young to survive.’
    • ‘The gafftopsail is saltwater's edible catfish, as opposed to its foul-smelling and worse-tasting cousin, the hardhead.’
    • ‘Once in the pots and unable to escape, both hardheads and striped bass feed on the trapped crabs.’
    • ‘‘When you know how crucial the database is to the resource, those net sets where you get a bunch of hardheads and you end up with swelled hands (from being stuck by the poisonous fins) are a little easier to take,’ he said.’