Definition of hardcover in US English:



  • (of a book) bound between rigid boards covered in cloth, paper, leather, or film.

    ‘hardcover and paperback editions’
    • ‘Besides, this Christmas, Harlequin is coming out with a hardcover anthology of their best romance tales.’
    • ‘‘The Dark Knight Strikes Back ‘will be collected as a hardcover edition in late October.’’
    • ‘Zooba offers brand-new, mostly hardcover editions of today's best-sellers and tomorrow's discoveries.’
    • ‘Instead, the hardcover edition of Seabiscuit: An American Legend remained on The New York Times best-seller list for 30 weeks.’
    • ‘‘The King’ is a wonderful book; when it comes out in paperback (or in a lower-priced hardcover edition) grab a copy as fast as you can!’
    • ‘The hardcover edition from Atria Books is scheduled for fall 2003, and the mass market paperback release is scheduled for 2004 from Pocket Books.’
    • ‘This is fine with me; it's a $75 leather-bound hardcover edition.’
    • ‘A hardcover anthology released in the last month lists Bob Kane as the artist on stories that no one disputes are primarily or wholly the work for Sheldon Moldoff.’
    • ‘The interviewer, Bob Wayne, tries to kill some time in conversation with Scott Nyback; during which we learn that there's going to be a new hardcover edition of V for Vendetta published in September.’
    • ‘The title says it all for the hardcover debut from the author of the best-selling paperback original Married Men.’
    • ‘Russ Cochran, who has republished all the other EC material in quality, hardcover volumes the last few decades, has finally reached the final body of work in the pantheon.’
    • ‘Chen Lung-bin chips away at the faded pages of discarded books such as the bulky Manhattan telephone directory, trashy hardcover novels and glossy magazines to form life-size three-dimensional human figures.’
    • ‘The momentum continues even today: HarperBusiness, its publisher, is putting out a new hardcover edition in January 2005.’
    • ‘Reading one of those books, often an old hardcover Modern Library volume, I would sometimes be distracted by his pencilings, but would usually stop to reread the passage he marked because it was a way to learn from him.’
    • ‘She added how she now lives for the day when she sees the best-selling hardcover edition of ‘Tales Told by a True Idiot’ gracing the window of every bookstore in New York.’
    • ‘Although the hardcover edition of Everything was in black and white, the concept was the same as this paperback version, and I noticed it immediately when it hit the stands.’
    • ‘Having done a very brief stint in publishing post-college, I'm flabbergasted by the initial hardcover print run, which is set at 1 million copies.’
    • ‘Librarians have not stopped purchasing the hardcover edition in order to purchase the audiocassette tape.’
    • ‘Best of all, publishers push hardcover sales back up, where profits are higher than paperbacks - and test out which books are so popular that they will make for great paperback sellers.’
    • ‘This beautifully illustrated hardcover volume accompanies an exhibition of works from the Powers Collection, on view this past spring at New York's Gagosian Gallery.’


  • A hardcover book.

    • ‘I'd love to see a high quality disinfo book on spare. a classy hardcover would be particularly nice.’
    • ‘I even bought the lady's book afterwards - a hardcover, no less, which I almost never buy.’
    • ‘They gave me a beautiful book when I was 12-a hardcover.’
    • ‘His latest hardcover, a redolent bouquet called The Acme Novelty Date Book, may be his most threatening.’
    • ‘One of the books was a small hardcover, which the politician handed to the other school captain.’
    • ‘As for books, you could get the popular hardcovers at the department stores, but they had a thin selection.’
    • ‘Francine went to backhand him across the face, but Keiran held up his book and she wacked her hand across the hardcover.’
    • ‘I did get a very cheap hardcover of one of the few Stephen King books I don't own, though (The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon).’
    • ‘Next, there are contests such as ‘name the author’ that allow readers to win new hardcovers and audio books.’
    • ‘I don't own nearly enough hardcover books from Amazon.’
    • ‘Feiffer's hardcover, a collection of superhero tales from comic books' Golden Age was unique in its day.’
    • ‘I wrote some stuff at the end, too, and Dark Horse, with an eye for posterity and the book trade, are doing it as a slim hardcover.’
    • ‘Hey, six books - including one hardcover - for $70?’
    • ‘While hardcovers often cost US $25 and higher, used books purchased last year averaged US $8.12-except for text books, which averaged US $42.31.’
    • ‘As a new author whose books will be published as $25 + hardcovers, my principal challenge will be to find a way to introduce my work to new readers.’
    • ‘After dominating daytime television for over a decade and moving masses of hardcovers with her book club, Oprah Winfrey is preparing to make a splash in magazine publishing.’
    • ‘Neal reveals that he made about $40,000 from the McSweeneys hardcover of his book and $22,000 for selling the paperback rights to HarperCollins.’
    • ‘This person will never buy a book and spends time in bookstores reading the latest hardcovers, hoping to remain in the loop on current titles.’


  • in hardcover

    • In a hardcover edition.

      • ‘Putnam will publish the book in hardcover in fall 2005, with a paperback edition to be published by Berkley in 2006.’
      • ‘I bought it in hardcover; cheapskate that I am, I rarely do this except with authors whose work I know well, but I made an exception because of Instapundit's and Professor Bainbridge's recommendations.’
      • ‘Motherless Brooklyn was good, but would you have purchased that in hardcover?’
      • ‘And, the fact that I spend almost no money on things like JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING or fancy clothes means that I can buy my books in hardcover.’
      • ‘It's a ‘New York Times’ bestseller in hardcover.’
      • ‘The first American edition of 1950 was reprinted almost without pause in hardcover and then paperback until the late 1970s.’
      • ‘By the way, I failed to mention earlier, but one of the best books I read last year in hardcover, now in paperback, is ‘Justice,’ out in trade paperback.’
      • ‘Although it is expensive in hardcover, a paperback edition would make a formidable textbook for advanced undergraduates or graduate students.’
      • ‘Money gives you the luxury of time, of being able to quit your day job and devote yourself to fiction (in my case, it also means that I can buy any book I want, in hardcover - the very definition of luxury).’
      • ‘Here's the link to order a copy of the new edition which is in hardcover and which contains a new foreword by P.J. O'Rourke and a ‘Where Are They Now?’’