Definition of hardcore in US English:



  • 1The most active, committed, or strict members of a group or movement.

    ‘the party still has a hard core of supporters that will always vote for them’
    • ‘Their message isn't hitting the hard-core youth at risk.’
    • ‘I disagree with the hard-core libertarians on this though.’
    • ‘However, when it comes to self-destruction any car combined with a hard-core muscle car mentality will eventually lead to a dead end.’
    • ‘For the hardcore comics reader, the material is a great source of inspiration and technical know-how.’
    • ‘We know that most crime is committed by a hard-core group of repeat offenders.’
    • ‘I am disappointed there is still a hard-core minority of drivers who feel no sense of responsibility to other people's safety or their own families' welfare.’
    • ‘Those less inclined for the hard-core version can sign on to freestyle, the more familiar, communal variety of the sport.’
    • ‘Ryan's good enough to charm/convert even the hard-core cases amongst you who burst out in hives at the mere mention of musical theatre.’
    • ‘Some 90% of spam received on the internet can be traced to a hard-core group of around 200 spam operations.’
    • ‘All but one of the offenders they have arrested in the last four years was a hard-core Trekkie.’
    • ‘A soul infused night is on offer tonight at Kendal's Tintos with a hard-core clubber turned international DJ pro.’
    • ‘Second, I'm not a hard-core ideologue, as many self-described libertarians are.’
    • ‘You may be full of turkey, but that's no excuse not to shop this weekend, the official start of the hard-core holiday buying season.’
    • ‘So it's likely that Hutchinson, a hard-core lake angler, had made similar decisions before.’
    • ‘Comey, in turn, appointed Patrick Fitzgerald, a Republican not known as a hard-core loyalist.’
    • ‘The police claimed they believed that members of a hardcore direct action group known as the Wombles were on board.’
    • ‘The Commission has reduced the fines imposed in the past where participants in cartels have played a reduced role in relation to the hard-core members.’
    • ‘The Roman Catholics surprised everyone by electing a hard-core rightwinger as Pope.’
    • ‘I'm not a hard-core privacy nut, but that prospect freaks me out a bit.’
    • ‘But again, you have a hard-core cell that are not going to be persuaded to change sides, but I think some will.’
    diehard, staunch, dedicated, committed, steadfast, hard-line, dyed-in-the-wool, long-standing
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  • 2Pornography of a very explicit or extreme kind.

    • ‘Currently, both of Swindon's sex shops are not licensed to stock hardcore material.’
    • ‘There are no children in my life - so why shouldn't I have hard-core porn if I want to?’
    • ‘Americans spend more on hard-core pornography, telephone sex and strip clubs than they do at cinemas.’
    • ‘Under the licence he is entitled to sell hard-core pornography in addition to sex aids and lingerie.’
    • ‘The book is hard-core food porn for chocolate lovers!’
    • ‘Computers fed my addiction to hard work, creative planning and hard-core pornography.’
    • ‘Earlier, the state had censored videos that showed cruel violence and hard-core pornography.’
    • ‘If hardcore material was decriminalised, then perhaps we would see a clean up of the industry.’
    • ‘Those who seek hard-core porn can no doubt still find what they want on the black market in unclassified videos.’
    • ‘The move would allow licensed shops to stock hardcore material currently prohibited.’
    • ‘They have easier access at much younger ages to all manner of addictive substances, be it hard-core pornography, online gambling, alcohol or casual sex.’
    • ‘This is not hardcore pornography and the material can be bought in many stores.’
    • ‘Of course, music videos are now basically hard-core pornography, so I do get some strange looks.’
    • ‘Critics say the romanticism of homosexuality may lead to gender confusion for youngsters and the hard-core sex editions are offensive.’
    • ‘Reality TV plays on a tension similar to Bell's description of hard-core pornography.’
    • ‘He subscribes to porn sites and I've also found hard-core magazines hidden in the bedroom.’
    • ‘Operators are shunning Playboy's Spice Platinum, a new group of channels with graphic hard-core fare.’
    • ‘Among its highlights is the plan to deny state school children the right to a faith-based education but to allow them access to hard-core pornography.’
    • ‘The images were an equal spilt between hard-core porn, close-ups of her scar, lips, and cleavage, and saccharine photos of the pair of them together.’
    • ‘What we have here is hard-core pornography with puppets.’
    pornographic, obscene, indecent, improper, indelicate, crude, lewd, erotic, titillating, arousing, suggestive, sexy, risqué, coarse, vulgar, gross, dirty, ribald, smutty, filthy, bawdy, earthy
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  • 3Popular music that is experimental in nature and typically characterized by high volume and aggressive presentation.

    • ‘The band fed off the audience's energy and turned in a decent performance of hardcore.’
    • ‘I hear more roots than nu-metal here, not to mention lots of sludgy slow hardcore.’
    • ‘However enjoyably hardcore The Getalongs were, the audience just didn't seem to be into it.’
    • ‘With As Real As It Gets, Sworn Enemy get their chance to endear hardcore to the masses.’
    • ‘I always wanted to be a hip hop DJ before the whole hardcore / jungle scene took off and took me with it.’
    • ‘It should be bought by every kid with even a passing interest in rock music, be it hardcore, punk or whatever.’
    • ‘They took a step back from hardcore and progressed in a more experimental, crafted kind of way.’
    • ‘It's dance music coming out of a background of hardcore punk where brevity is part of our thing.’
    • ‘Even when I was playing in hardcore or punk bands I was still listening to hip-hop.’
    • ‘It seems like hes run out of ideas a minute and a half into it and has to revert to remixing his old hardcore tracks to get the momentum flowing again.’
    • ‘And he's just got a nasty, hardcore, aggressive blues sound in his lead guitar playing.’
    • ‘This style of hardcore has long needed a breath of fresh air, but MPB aren't the band to supply it.’
    • ‘From hardcore to house to UK garage, Grant Nelson has had a hand in it all.’
    • ‘From dense post-modern electronica to hardcore techno, Planet Mu constantly surprises.’
    • ‘Whether you are a fan of hardcore, punk rock or just plain good music, check this album out.’
    • ‘I got a bunch of hardcore punk, ska and reggae playing guys and threw them the curve ball.’
    • ‘It was just a brilliant time to be touring, releasing records and playing hardcore punk music.’
    • ‘The idea of disco infused hardcore doesn't exactly reek of intrepid musical exploration.’
    • ‘These guys are true hardcore and are way ahead of anyone else when it comes to playing with intensity.’
    • ‘What do you get when you mix techno, classic hardcore punk and gay politics?’
  • 4British Broken bricks, rubble, or similar solid material used as a filling or foundation in building.


  • 1Highly committed in one's support for or dedication to something.

    ‘hardcore gamers’
    ‘even hardcore fans of the television series should probably skip this’
    ‘hardcore conservatives’
    1. 1.1 Denoting an extreme or intense example of something.
      ‘the tour took in four continents over 45 days—it was hardcore’
  • 2Denoting or relating to pornography of a very explicit or extreme kind.

    ‘online hardcore porn’
  • 3Denoting or relating to a type of experimental popular music that is typically characterized by high volume and aggressive presentation.

    ‘hardcore punk’