Definition of hardbodied in US English:



  • See hardbody

    • ‘But in January, when you're still a hardbodied bundle of pep and they're just starting to lug their pudgified selves back to the gym, you'll have too much class to mention it - too often, anyway.’
    • ‘Women don't CHOOSE to feel the emotion called ATTRACTION for jerks any more than YOU choose to feel the emotion called ATTRACTION for young, beautiful, hardbodied women.’
    • ‘There you have 60s woman, 70s woman and 80s woman: the first with blonde curls and a miniskirt, focused on her man; the next with shaggy dark hair, focused on a wider cause; and the third hardbodied and narcissistic.’
    • ‘This hardbodied St-Henri heartbreaker has been ‘infatuated with the metro system’ ever since first moving here from Winnipeg in 1995.’
    • ‘There you are, hanging out at the beach or pool when a hardbodied honey crosses into view.’