Definition of hardboard in US English:



  • Stiff board made of compressed and treated wood pulp.

    • ‘Siding can range from hardboard in 4x8-foot plywood sheets to hardboard lap siding to shingles.’
    • ‘Other materials sold by the sheet include particleboard, waferboard, hardboard and all types of drywall, which are available in sheets up to 4x12.’
    • ‘But in the article, published on BBC News Online, Dr Whitehouse described his rocket as a ‘converted cement mixer with sheets of hardboard and a few computer joysticks’.’
    • ‘Paneling with solid wood T & G boards is more tedious than with hardboard panels, but their weight and stiffness mean they require less support.’
    • ‘He began painting with oils on wood, canvas, hardboard, paper and glass, working under the mentorship of his older son Mica, an artist, art historian, critic, poet.’
    • ‘You can trap slugs under pieces of wood or cardboard (some professional slug researchers use 50 cm square pieces of hardboard covered with plastic).’
    • ‘Create a template from hardboard and transfer the pattern to the 1x8 redwood slats.’
    • ‘Do not use solvents on hardboard or particleboard panels, as it may damage the surface.’
    • ‘Find a board onto which to glue the puzzle, such as Masonite or hardboard.’
    • ‘Certain types of wood siding like redwood, cedar, and manufactured hardboard siding seem to accelerate the problem.’
    • ‘It is harder than particle board or hardboard, and can be cut like plywood although it isn't as strong as plywood.’
    • ‘He works with unusual tools but achieves the required effect on hardboard and canvas.’
    • ‘Then I moved into my own space, but all it comprised was a recess off the main room separated by hardboard sliding doors.’
    • ‘If the stuffed animal has cardboard or hardboard stiffeners or joints, these can be destroyed in a washing machine.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Steele contributes an analysis of the commitment the artist maintained to the material with which he began as a teen-ager - poster paints, paper, and hardboard.’
    • ‘Finally, many forms of silt derive from the wreck itself, including rust particles, carpet fibres, coal dust, hardboard, wood and expanded foam panels, and oil/fuel residues.’
    • ‘Composition hardboard siding is commonly used on wood frame residences because it has the appearance of wood, at significantly less cost.’
    • ‘Cotton canvas has become more popular than linen, being particularly suited to the use of acrylic primers and paints, and plywood and compressed wood fibre boards, such as hardboard, have largely replaced timber for making panels.’
    • ‘As most of the posters, especially the ANC and the DA, are made of masonite or hardboard, some people use them to build shacks or decorate rooms because they can't afford building materials.’
    • ‘You can get a similar effect with trellis or pierced hardboard, painted to contrast with the shelf for a permanent decorative edging.’