Definition of hard wheat in US English:

hard wheat


  • Wheat of a variety having a hard grain rich in gluten.

    • ‘Monopoly wheat exporter AWB Limited will supply 100,000 tonnes of hard wheat before the end of August, for bread making.’
    • ‘Domesticated emmer wheat, T. dicoccum, has an AABB genome and hulled seeds; a free-threshing form (one that releases seeds during threshing) exists that is called hard wheat (T. durum).’
    • ‘The darling Downs produce prime beef, fine cotton and hard wheat.’
    • ‘Witness the fate of strains of corn or wheat perfected by peasants over centuries, as with Indians and hard wheat, later appropriated by Canadian farmers.’
    • ‘Ethiopia has its own species of oats, and may be the original home of finger millet Barley and hard wheat are also ancient crops.’