Definition of hard launch in US English:

hard launch


  • The general release of a new product or service to the public.

    ‘the site is already up, with a hard launch expected later this month’
    Compare with soft launch
    • ‘The company has spent several months testing "selected" Windows and Linux virtual machines with customers, with a hard launch of the service expected by August.’
    • ‘Some companies are creating prototypes before they do the hard launch of a new store concept.’
    • ‘More than one source confirmed that ATI is preparing for a massive hard launch of its new line.’
    • ‘The hard launch of the Hawkeye Network, which will be broadcast on its own dedicated channel, will come this year, though no date has been set.’
    • ‘There is nothing to indicate a hard launch of the 580 this month: it is all entirely speculation.’
    • ‘Some technical issues and other final elements will be tweaked throughout the month prior to a hard launch the week of August 13.’
    • ‘An Android app will be up first and while he says he has a date in mind, there's no hard launch set quite yet.’
    • ‘With a hard launch expected in late Q3, the company introduced its beta version in New York and San Francisco in April.’


[with object]
  • Fully release (a new product or service) to the public.

    ‘the graphics card is being hard-launched today’
    • ‘The site hard-launched on New Year's Day.’
    • ‘In episode 1002 I mentioned a program we are soft launching right now and hard launching on Jan 1st 2013.’
    • ‘In early 2013, we will hard-launch the Portfolio, which will contain all the features and functionality needed to simplify the many challenges of a clinician's day-to-day activities.’
    • ‘We hard-launched the site that day with all functionality.’
    • ‘G4i plans to hard-launch its sales effort in August 2009, with special focus on companies with a presence in Guam and the Greater Washington region.’