Definition of hard landing in English:

hard landing


  • 1A clumsy or rough landing of an aircraft.

    • ‘China may be succeeding in its attempt to cool its overheating economy and avoid a hard landing, analysts said after the release of key figures for last month's national performance.’
    • ‘Beijing's own efforts to rein in alarming economic growth while avoiding a hard landing could also endanger Hong Kong's fragile finances.’
    • ‘The move is being seen as a sign of the growing fears that the US economy may be heading for a hard landing, or even recession, rather than the gentle slowdown policymakers want.’
    • ‘On oil prices and their effect, Cheetham said there was still concern Middle East problems could worsen and with a hard landing of the Chinese economy, a sharp correction could occur worldwide.’
    • ‘Amid the gloom over a slumping economy and a hard landing for corporate profits, investors may now sense that stocks may have been even more overvalued than they previously thought.’
    • ‘I do not fear the hard landing of the US economy which I predict, since I believe a recession in the US will create opportunities in other markets which are consumers of primary commodities in their industries.’
    • ‘The economy may be hovering between a hard landing and a soft one.’
    • ‘Asian investment house JF Funds has warned that the risk of a hard landing for China's economy has increased after it experienced a faster than expected growth rate in the first quarter.’
    • ‘Since last year the rate of borrowing in many eurozone economies has accelerated, stoking a housing bubble in at least a quarter of the eurozone states that portends a hard landing should money growth persist.’
    • ‘Value Partners fund manager Renee Hung remains upbeat on China's longer-term outlook and says a hard landing for the economy is unlikely any time soon.’
    • ‘The rate is higher than economists had expected and has led to talk of a rapidly inflating China bubble, as well as fears of a hard landing for the economy if the government does not act quickly.’
    • ‘There is a real possibility that the rest of the economy could have a hard landing from the dotcom boom.’
    • ‘On the slowdown in the Chinese economy, Prasad said the mainland authorities had to be more vigilant as there were still risks ahead for the economy to take a hard landing.’
    • ‘So much for Beijing's effort to damp down what many see as an out-of-control expansion that could lead to a hard landing and global recession.’
    • ‘We must emphasize that the weight of evidence thus far points to slowing, as opposed to a definitive hard landing.’
    • ‘My own guess is that worries about a hard landing for the US economy will persist for two to three months or more, ensuring that a generally favourable interest rate climate persists worldwide for at least as long.’
    • ‘As a consequence, the banking system lurched dangerously close to a crisis last year - thanks to the slowdown in the global high-tech sector, which coincided with a hard landing in the US economy.’
    • ‘But if the economy is heading for a hard landing, goodlooking Irish stocks are still a high-risk play - even if they are priced for zero earnings growth.’
    • ‘However, many economies in East Asia still remain susceptible to a sharp downturn in demand for their exports, for example as a result of a hard landing in the US, or stalling of growth in Japan.’
    • ‘This does not necessarily mean a hard landing for the domestic economy.’
    1. 1.1An uncontrolled landing in which a spacecraft crashes onto the surface of a planet or moon and is destroyed.
      • ‘In addition, the robustness of the design of the spacecraft was the reason it could take such a hard landing and still give us a chance to recover the samples.’
      • ‘Of course, anyone familiar with Greek Mythology could have told NASA that such a mission was doomed to failure by way of a very hard landing anyway.’
      • ‘The shares followed the classic tech flight path: they went to the moon in March, 2000 and came in for a hard landing shortly after.’
      • ‘At the end of the fallback phase to Earth, the parachute system in the recovery module did not work correctly, resulting in a hard landing, and the experiment hardware was seriously damaged.’
      • ‘We were told that the Cosmonauts are trained for a hard landing on the steppes of Kazakhstan, which is their desired landing spot.’
      • ‘Like the Genesis capsule, meteorites have a hard landing on the Earth, but can still yield useful information, he said.’
  • 2An undesirably rapid decline in economic growth.

    ‘Beijing has made some efforts to ease concerns about a hard landing for the economy’