Definition of hard hat in US English:

hard hat


  • 1A rigid protective helmet, as worn by factory and building workers.

    • ‘They have clashed with government officials over the use of hard hats, zoning regulations, Workers' Compensation, and building codes for schools.’
    • ‘There is a difference between a rule forcing people to wear hard hats inside a building site due to the risks of falling objects and refusing to let kids play conkers out of fear for their safety.’
    • ‘Quickly realizing the potential for mishaps, the squadron mandated the use of steel-toed boots, reflective belts, work gloves, and hard hats when building cargo pallets.’
    • ‘A wide range of additional tourist-friendly locations are being proposed for the Games, presumably so that visiting IOC members don't have to spend all their time standing on bleak building sites in hard hats and wellies.’
    • ‘As Clark was getting issued a hard hat and protective jacket, he saw someone jumping up and down and waving out of the corner of his eye.’
    • ‘The challenge is to undo the bravado that leads some workers to discard their hard hats or decide not to tie off, he explains.’
    • ‘Some hard hats and helmets have a face shield attached to them.’
    • ‘You wouldn't send a brickie on to a building site without a hard hat.’
    • ‘LaFontaine has traded in his magical hockey stick, his fleet skates and helmet for a hard hat.’
    • ‘I can easily imagine him in a hard hat overlooking the construction of a building.’
    • ‘Along East Biloxi's casino row near the beach, workers in hard hats buzzed around hotels and beached casino barges, clearing sand and making repairs.’
    • ‘There are Portakabin offices beside a stainless-steel factory, and men in white wellington boots and hard hats are coming and going.’
    • ‘To top it off, we bought an inexpensive set of five pretend hats, including such essentials as a firefighter hat and a hard hat.’
    • ‘The homeowner should therefore wear head protection such as a construction hard hat, safety goggles for the eyes and long sleeved shirts.’
    • ‘Leeds is full of footballers shopping in Harvey Nichols, Sheffield is full of men in hard hats building things and Barnsley is the new Tuscany.’
    • ‘Donning a hairnet, a white coat, and a protective hard hat, items which I must also wear, Thompson takes me into the factory.’
    • ‘On metal sheeting protecting the biggest camomile lawn in Europe, workers in hard hats were erecting the stage and outbuildings yesterday for the Golden Jubilee weekend concerts.’
    • ‘There is a big construction project in the city where I saw not a single worker wearing protective hard hats despite beams dangling overhead from cranes, and building material either unfixed, or on the move on the many floors.’
    • ‘Ear and eye protection, hard hats, gloves, safety shoes or other protective clothing and equipment must be worn, according to the hazard exposure.’
    • ‘Never one to shirk a job Richard dons a hard hat and a boiler suit as protective clothing and sets off into the maelstrom!’
    1. 1.1informal A worker who wears a hard hat.
      • ‘Many of the country's 6.3 million hard hats could find themselves out of work.’
    2. 1.2North American informal A person with reactionary or conservative views.


hard hat

/ˈhärd ˌhat//ˈhɑrd ˌhæt/