Definition of hard going in US English:

hard going


  • Difficult to understand or enjoy.

    ‘the studying is at times hard going’
    • ‘It was a fairly unconventional film, and I think a number of people including myself found it pretty hard going.’
    • ‘The article is pretty hard going.’
    • ‘But no matter how much fun you try to make it, it can be hard going.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure what to expect of the classes, and unfortunately I'm finding them hard going.’
    • ‘We started watching the film but found it hard going because it was getting late and we were tired.’
    • ‘The statistics course is aimed at beginners, but I am finding it pretty hard going - and it is only day one.’
    • ‘It's hard going at first - the descriptions are dense, poetic word-paintings - but once you're engaged with the characters you'll be hooked.’
    • ‘The book runs to some 500 pages and I found it rather hard going.’
    • ‘It is hard going but it is something I will see through, even if it takes the rest of my life.’
    • ‘A hefty tome like Ulysses may appear at first to be hard going.’