Definition of hard fern in US English:

hard fern


  • A European fern of heathy places, with long, narrow, leathery fronds consisting of a row of thin lobes on each side of the stem.

    Blechnum spicant, family Blechnaceae

    • ‘In addition to the fir trees there are rowan, macrocarpa, eucalyptus and larch, and some native plants such as hard fern, matagouri, tussock, manuka, coprosma, and dracophyllum (the grass tree).’
    • ‘Navelwort, mosses and hard ferns grow on the ‘ditches’, the word use in Ireland for field walls.’
    • ‘Succulent pennywort grows in banks and up tree trunks, and wintergreen hard ferns are prolific in stonewalls.’
    • ‘The hard fern is one of the few plants which remain green throughout the winter.’
    • ‘At these latter sites, bilberry, greater wood-rush and hard fern are found, again provided there is no grazing.’