Definition of hard copy in US English:

hard copy


  • A printed version on paper of data held in a computer.

    • ‘In one visit to an MFD you can fax a document to a third party, e-mail a copy to the accounts department, and print out a hard copy for yourself.’
    • ‘By downloading the software plus Radio Waves' microwave antenna-pattern data, users are able to display microwave antenna patterns on their computer screen and print hard copies for reference.’
    • ‘Up to that point, we had been distributing the research by selling hard copies of the papers for a fee, which included a small mark up for administration, after covering the cost of printing.’
    • ‘This means those phones can print JPG images at photo kiosks, create hard copies of email at meetings, print out SMS chat strings, as well as do other things such as produce written contact or calendar lists.’
    • ‘I have some ideas on how to cross pollinate the hard copy and online versions but will save those for another day.’
    • ‘The experimenter showed the participants out and then printed out a hard copy of the results of the session from the data disk.’
    • ‘I printed out a hard copy of what I've written so far and read most of it over the weekend.’
    • ‘A final hard copy print-out was kept at the headquarters.’
    • ‘Put all hard copies of every document in your organisation through the shredder.’
    • ‘The only downside, as far as Dickson is concerned, was it was impossible to prevent bidders from downloading sensitive information and printing their own hard copies.’
    • ‘The Library of Congress, which receives more than 1,000 newspapers from around the world, generally stores hard copies only until microfilm versions are available.’
    • ‘You don't want to do what I did; I had articles filed in my word processing program, in my e-mail program as PDF and html files and as hard copies in my overflowing filing cabinet with folders for topics under each system.’
    • ‘Of course, Young cautions that administrators have to plan for students who don't have access to the Internet so that some hard copies of information will still have to be sent out.’
    • ‘A paper receipt is coming out of the back of the computer, a hard copy for counting purposes.’
    • ‘For the purposes of the content analysis, all pages of a web site that directly addressed adolescents were printed out, and these printed hard copies were used for coding.’
    • ‘A hard copy mini-magazine will exist only to tease people with brief extracts from specific articles.’
    • ‘Imprint obtained a hard copy of an e-mail that appears to confirm that a slate was indeed constructed at the last minute.’
    • ‘Finally, the minor issues regarding the hard copy documentation should be mentioned here.’
    • ‘Be sure you have a hard copy of this documentation next to your system and stored off-site with your backup media.’
    • ‘Critera to be evaluated when deciding between hard copies and electronic versions of information has considerably changed over the course of the past ten years.’


hard copy

/ˈˌhärd ˈˌkäpē//ˈˌhɑrd ˈˌkɑpi/