Definition of hard charger in English:

hard charger


  • 1Someone with an aggressive, domineering personality.

    • ‘‘They're both hard chargers and do what they need to do to win,’ Richert says.’
    • ‘Not only is Johnson a very likable guy, he's a hard charger.’
    • ‘Being a hard charger, he responded, ‘Sure, go for it, sir.’’
    • ‘But the onetime hard charger has hit a wall: Because of ferocious competition from banks and MBNA's own missteps, growth has stalled.’
    • ‘He is a great competitor and a hard charger and he fits right in with the rest of the team.’
    • ‘We sure can't fault a really hard charger for tying one on every once in a while… or can we?’
    1. 1.1 (in car racing) someone who gains a considerably better position during the course of a race.
      • ‘Despite Hamilton Jr.'s reputation as a hard charger, he completed 93.5 percent of all possible laps last season.’
      • ‘We also learned that the crop of new young drivers (with a couple of exceptions) are really hard chargers.’
      • ‘Edwards is a hard charger along the lines of Jimmie Johnson - he edged Johnson for the win in Atlanta.’
      • ‘But driving styles could be tempered dramatically for hard chargers such as Busch, Kevin Harvick and a few others.’
      • ‘This car is a hard charger, and not just some souped-up saloon.’
      • ‘A professional can provide valuable guidance and smooth a lot of off-road edges; however, some hard chargers prefer the do-it-yourself path to bending rods and splashing fish.’