Definition of hard at it in US English:

hard at it


  • Busily working or occupied.

    ‘they were hard at it with brooms and mops’
    • ‘Having been hard at it all the morning trying to cram a day's work into a few hours, I decided that a cup of coffee would be a great pick me up.’
    • ‘The cast are hard at it with practising and preparation.’
    • ‘She's been hard at it since, working with Amnesty International and others to organise a public meeting.’
    • ‘On a sunlit morning, she is already hard at it in a corner of the old downtown premises of local fashion designer Tanya Carlson, where she's trying to finish up some work.’
    • ‘They were still hard at it when I finally realised that I was surplus to requirements.’
    • ‘We're hard at it, and we're making good progress.’
    • ‘By 2004 you will be hard at it on the seniors circuit, both in Europe and the US and will have lost a lot of contact with the players.’
    • ‘Just because I appear to be idle does not mean I am not hard at it.’
    • ‘He's been hard at it since March, and the results have been positive.’
    • ‘There are undoubtedly a few Irish players, not to mention the coach himself, who could do without this trip to South Africa given that they've been hard at it now for almost 12 months.’
    occupied, occupied in, engaged in, involved in, employed in, working at, labouring at, toiling at, slaving at, hard at work, hard at work on, wrapped up, wrapped up in, wrapped up with
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