Definition of hard-luck story in US English:

hard-luck story


  • An account of one's problems intended to gain sympathy or help.

    • ‘Kobe's guilt or innocence notwithstanding, the legal battle he finds himself in will be just another chapter of the hard-luck story that is Kobe Bryant's life.’
    • ‘The game, which gave Setanta his name, has been played along Clew Bay for many years and this victory brought to an end more than a decade of despair and hard-luck stories.’
    • ‘The hard-luck story is the one everyone at Motherwell seems to be sticking to.’
    • ‘Isn't it just the twenty-first century equivalent of standing on a web-corner telling a hard-luck story and holding out a paper cup?’
    • ‘Mr Lehaney, 62, said she let Milroy-Sloan stay overnight after she told him a hard-luck story about her family.’
    • ‘And it might have been another of those hard-luck stories if Gus Poyet's cleverly-lobbed pass had not run away from Robbie Keane and into the safe hands of Jussi Jaaskelainen with just seven minutes left on the clock!’
    • ‘What I believe, and what I've said before, and will continue to say to would-be novelists who email me their hard-luck stories of rejection and ill-treatment: good books find a home in the world.’
    • ‘As a freelance reporter I stole other people's hard-luck stories and wrote about them.’
    • ‘It's surreal, but after all the hard-luck stories, it's what we needed and I want to enjoy it for as long as possible.’
    • ‘Debbie Stabenow, a first-termer from Michigan specializing in relating hard-luck stories of senior citizens, supplanted Baucus as lead Democrat on the issue.’
    • ‘Had he scored, the chances are Hibs could probably have added another chapter to their hard-luck story.’
    • ‘Even Ronald Reagan, whose public policies were every bit as mean spirited as those of Bush, was, according to Tip O'Neill in his book Man of the House, capable of responding compassionately when faced with an individual hard-luck story.’
    • ‘‘You're going home, sunshine,’ says Mace's officer from the heard-it-all-before school of hard-luck stories.’
    • ‘Certain episodes are undeniably shocking, but beautifully poetic prose quickly proves this girl's plight is far more than a hard-hitting hard-luck story.’
    • ‘For many this would seem to be the case, but aren't the reasons we give the usual football hard-luck stories: bad refereeing decisions; freak goals; injuries to crucial players?’
    • ‘The hard-luck story of the race was the Paddy McCormack-trained Odile which suffered injury at the opening turn.’
    • ‘Better accept from the outset that you are an affluent alien, a conspicuous consumer, and everybody wants to sell you something, if only a hard-luck story.’
    • ‘His time with Wexford was ‘littered with hard-luck stories,’ comparing the experience to the like of Kildare and Mayo footballers.’
    • ‘Having come this far, we obviously want to win the championship and not have a hard-luck story.’
    • ‘In a race where there were plenty of hard-luck stories, The Tatling totally missed the kick but found a smooth route through to lead inside the final furlong and beat Kathology by a neck.’


hard-luck story

/härd lək ˈstôrē//hɑrd lək ˈstɔri/