Definition of hard-heartedness in US English:



  • See hard-hearted

    • ‘The hard-heartedness is a bit of a shock but what's really got me gobsmacked is intensity of people's views.’
    • ‘The hypocrisy and plain hard-heartedness of this administration beggars belief.’
    • ‘And the essay possesses in addition its share of Wildean bon mots: ‘If the English left you to bleed to death in the gutter, it would not be because of hard-heartedness, but because they were anxious not to interfere with your privacy’.’
    • ‘Later, years later, still enclosed within the inverted shroud of his own hard-heartedness, inside his locked and walled garden, the giant spies the same little boy playing alone in the garden.’
    • ‘In his encyclical letter in 1891, Pope Leo XIII pulled no punches: ‘It has come to pass that working [people] have been surrendered, isolated and helpless, to the hard-heartedness of employers and the greed of unchecked competition.’’



/ˈhärd ˈˌhärdədnəs/