Definition of hard-edged in English:



  • 1Having sharply defined edges.

    • ‘In his paintings he stylized and geometricized the koru further, producing two-color, hard-edged compositions of horizontal bars of equal width, terminating in ball-like forms.’
    • ‘Like hard-edged pieces by Hans Hoffman, the large works on panel - with musical names like Kumari and Tagar - allude to doors of perception as much as to real doors.’
    • ‘Light casts shadows as hard-edged as any concrete barrier in this world.’
    • ‘Made of locally quarried basalt stones contained in steel gabion cages, this is a robust, hard-edged creation, that recalls ancient Mediterranean stone labyrinths, the prison of the original Minotaur.’
    • ‘Joint's paintings, the largest just over 6 feet wide, consist of numerous puzzle shapes of hard-edged, mostly flat color that range in size from itsy-bitsy triangles to huge waves.’
    • ‘Acuna-Hansen Gallery earlier this year featured the exquisite drawings of Kelly McLane and inventive hard-edged paintings by newcomers Bart Esposito and Jamey Garza.’
    • ‘Before he could be pigeonholed as a Pop artist, he also became an abstract painter, one who made not only bright, hard-edged abstractions that resembled color charts but also meltingly poetic monochromatic pictures.’
    • ‘This is not a classical painting show; Kruger denies the sensuous hand-painted surface in favour of a hard-edged, geometric feel that makes obvious reference to his computer-generated source material.’
    • ‘I cautioned the class repeatedly against moving too fast into the darkest colors, and again I stressed the fact that students needed to let their paper dry before adding any hard-edged details.’
    • ‘Painted in 1953, it dates from the period during which Barns-Graham, originally a figurative painter, was reconciling hard-edged geometrical abstraction with a love of landscape.’
    • ‘By the early 1980s, he was using these familiar, hard-edged squiggles to reconstruct the forms of generic landscape and, of all things, de Kooning's Women.’
    • ‘By contrast, the curving lines, thinly painted, brightly colored and hard-edged, circulate freely - perhaps haphazardly - in the airy space they occupy.’
    • ‘Lastly, a cleanly delineated arrow shows the way, forcefully directing the view diagonally across the picture surface in a delicate balance between lyricism and hard-edged abstraction.’
  • 2Having an intense, tough, or sharp quality.

    ‘hard-edged urban films’
    • ‘At one time, he studied Chekhov, and Keneally achieves that tone of self-deprecation and detachment and the same hard-edged observations and insights.’
    • ‘It just stuns you - it's ubiquitous, it's personal, it's hard-edged.’
    • ‘The album is a mix of acoustic and electric, of hearfelt tunes and hard-edged songs.’
    • ‘Yet despite this hard-edged injustice, Indianapolis's black migrants didn't sit on their hands or become an underclass.’
    • ‘To this non-WASP, it seems that Cooper's type, a blunt, intelligent, hard-edged WASP aristocrat, is immensely rarer in today's America than was so even a couple of generations ago.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's every bit as hard-edged and engaging as you might imagine, elbowing its way right up to the forefront of your consciousness, demanding you re-assess your scandalously dismissive attitude toward fusion.’
    • ‘I think the debates have been pretty spirited, pretty hard-edged in all directions.’
    • ‘From the hard-edged and sarcastic Lucy Liu in Ally McBeal to the martial arts expert Kelly Hu in Martial Law and Shanghai Noon, Asian women are increasingly visible on television screens and in Hollywood films.’
    • ‘From that humble source, Latimer produced a group of haiku-like collages - all hard-edged and iconic - that also manage to be poignant.’
    • ‘‘Cereal Box Conspiracy’ includes hard-edged rock guitar, but still doesn't give up the inherent danceability that runs throughout the album.’
    • ‘Then came hard-edged portraits of Jewish fanatics like Moshe Levinger, leader of the militant Gush Emunim settlers, and Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League.’
    • ‘He's turned away from some legal recommendations that maybe a hard-edged person or just a lawyer would have said, ‘Do it because you can win,’ because he thought it was either too divisive or it would take too long.’
    • ‘Well, the last movie I did was ‘Narc,’ which was a really small, hard-edged sort of cop movie, where we had no time, you know, no money.’
    • ‘Voters never like hard-edged partisan comments.’
    • ‘It represents the triumph of an improvisational legal campaign that joined a hard-edged litigation strategy with a twenty-year-long organizing effort throughout the South.’
    • ‘Most arrived at this condition as industry tumbled in the latter half of the past century; earlier they had been hard-edged, unglamorous communities of strivers.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a lot of his positions are pretty hard-edged conservative.’
    • ‘Instead of targeting young voters en masse, as a presidential campaign might, Punkvoter employs hard-edged, partisan tactics to mobilize its core audience.’
    • ‘The overly hard-edged styles of the 1920s and 1930s gave way to a less severe approach as Americans preferred comfort to chic, and an informal design to complement their increasingly casual lifestyle.’
    • ‘I want everything I write of it to be true, hard-edged where it needs to be, bitter, sweet, bitter-sweet.’
    • ‘A short-lived career, Youth Brigade proved on this night in a fantastic no-frills, hard-edged show, they were the greatest American punk band of this era.’
    • ‘They're getting increasingly shrill, increasingly hard-edged, and I think that these are desperate folks.’
    • ‘Still, this hard-edged argument has bite only insofar as it cautions us against the easy assumption that the marginal dollar is always worth more in the hands of the poor person than in the hands of the rich person.’
    • ‘Because hard-edged conservatives of Bork's generation were rare, it was possible to view him as outside the perceived mainstream.’
    • ‘This album was Everlast's re-emergence as a solo artist after his tour with the hard-edged Irish rap group, House of Pain.’