Definition of harbor porpoise in English:

harbor porpoise


  • A porpoise with a dark gray back shading to white underparts, found in the coastal waters of North America and northern Europe.

    Also called common porpoise
    • ‘Length seems to be of biological importance for the common dolphin, the pilot whale, and the harbor porpoise.’
    • ‘Dall's porpoise, harbor porpoise and Pacific white-sided dolphins are the most common of the porpoise/dolphins off Washington.’
    • ‘This harbor porpoise died after becoming entangled in a fishing net.’
    • ‘Erik Anderson, who has fished New England's waters for 30 years, would haul up his gill net and occasionally discover a harbor porpoise, entangled and dying, trapped in the mesh along with his harvest of cod and flounder.’
    • ‘The sound is notable for its mist-shrouded mountains, fjords, blue - tinted glaciers and abundant wildlife, including sea lions, harbor porpoises, orca and humpback whales and five species of Pacific salmon.’