Definition of haranguer in US English:



  • See harangue

    • ‘‘These are the haranguers, the reminders, the people who will constantly do this stuff,’ he said.’
    • ‘Yes, he's a well-compensated good soldier, but that hardly seems to hinder half of this league's haranguers, so give the man his props.’
    • ‘Picasso responds that he is not sure what such a picture would look like, at which point his haranguer takes a photo of his wife from his wallet and says, ‘‘There, you see, that is a picture of how she really is’.’’
    • ‘It stretches the powers of even the most experienced muckrakers and soapbox haranguers to find the least routine and boring bits of nonsense to present to us as the news.’
    • ‘Instead it's always the ‘political’ ones that get the camera, the haranguers and culture-warriors with the blarney touch, able to motivate viewers' emotions with their words.’