Definition of haptoglobin in US English:



  • A protein present in blood serum which binds to and removes free hemoglobin from the bloodstream.

    • ‘Macrophages, scavenger-like cells that roam the body, have a surface receptor called CD 163 which binds the protein haptoglobin.’
    • ‘Ceruloplasmin, [alpha.sub.2] macroglobulin, and haptoglobin contribute to the [alpha.sub.2] protein band.’
    • ‘Deer in fact may be a little unusual in this respect in that they have unusually, low levels of another protein haptoglobin, which is involved in the clearance of haemoglobin.’
    • ‘The research team, led by Dr. Andrew Levy of the Faculty of Medicine, had earlier demonstrated that diabetics with a particular form of a blood protein called haptoglobin had as much as a 500% increased risk of developing heart disease.’
    • ‘Evidence of hemolytic anemia may be present, including decreased haptoglobin.’


1940s: from Greek haptein ‘fasten’ + (haemo)globin.