Definition of haploidy in US English:



  • See haploid

    • ‘If deleterious mutations tend to be partially recessive, purifying selection is expected to be more efficient on the X chromosome relative to the autosomes, due to haploidy in males.’
    • ‘Whether or not any particular deletion can be recovered will, of course, depend upon the phenotypic consequences of haploidy for its chromosome region.’
    • ‘The problem was obvious: if the sex of an animal was the result of a balance of male- and female-determining genes on the sex chromosomes and autosomes, how could haploidy give rise to males?’
    • ‘One possibility is that natural selection is more efficient on the X chromosome due to effective haploidy of the X chromosomes in males and persistently low effective numbers of reproducing males compared to that of females.’
    • ‘Although triploidy and haploidy of chromosomal regions in humans often cause viable or semiviable developmental defects, it is difficult to identify regions of the genome that are haplolethal.’